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Oil Bleeding Liquid Silicone Rubber

Oil Bleeding Liquid Silicone Rubber

Product Details

Oil bleeding LSR    

Key Features and Advantages

● Two component (part A ,part B), additional fast curing

● Excellent mechanical strength and stable self-lubricating property.

● Excellent thermal stability and weather stability.( -60℃~250℃)

● Complies with ROHS standard.

Typical Characteristic:


Test conditions: A:B=1:1 ,150℃/5min.


Production process:

A;B=1:1 for heat injection molding.

Potential Applications

Oil bleeding liquid silicone rubber are widely used for production of seal ring for automotive parts.


Available in 20 kg/pail or 200 kg/drum..


Storage and Shelf life:

2 years, when kept in sealed package under room temperature, avoid sun exposure.