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Encapsulation Silicone

Encapsulation Silicone

Product Details

Liquid Silicone Gel   

Key Features and Advantages

● Two components, part A and part B, additional curing,

● Excellent transparence and light transmissivity,

● Good fluidity (low viscosity), low hardness,

● Excellent heat resistance and weatherability (under the temperature of -60℃~250℃),

● Complies with RoHs standard

Typical Characteristic:


Test conditions: A:B=1:1 ,150℃/5min.


Production process:

A:B=1 : 1, vacuum deformation, pour molding. After mixed, under 25℃, pot life is 2-4 hours.

Hardness adjustment: Higher hardness, mixing ratio A:B=1 : 1.1-1.5. Low hardness, mixing ratio A;B=1.1 -1.5 : 1.


Potential Applications

Liquid silicon gel is used for embedment of electronic components, stiffing /padding for silicone products, etc.



Available in 15 kg/pail .


Storage and Shelf life:

2 years, when kept in sealed package under room temperature, avoid sun exposure.