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01.LSR & HCR for Cold Shrinkable Cable Accessories

Cold shrinkable cable accessories are the parts that are made of elastomer materials by mold compression, extrusion or injection molding, then are expanded and lined with plastic screw supports. Silicone rubber has excellent fatigue resistance and low tension set. Its end products can rapidly shrink back to original shape after prolonged expansion. Its physical properties remain stable under -40 to 200℃, and merely change under long term UV and extreme weather conditions.

02.HCR for Electrical Connector

Electrical connector is applied in the switch cabinet. It is made of materials(like silicone rubber, EPDM, etc) with excellent insulation property. Compared to EPDM, silicone rubber has no need to do extra mixing in kneader machine, and has longer shelf life and stable production process.

03.LSR & HCR for Insulator  

Due to the lack of hydrophobicity, the porcelain and glass insulators used in high voltage cable will have high potential of electric conduction under humid condition when there is a pollution layer on insulators.Silicone rubber has excellent hydrophobicity and hydrophobic mobility. The silicone rubber insulator has better pollution flashover resistance, and hence less trip accident than porcelain and glass insulators. 

04.Electrically Conductive LSR & HCR

The electric stress, static, thunder and lightning that taken place in high voltage transmission and power transfer may bring damage like electric breakdown to insulation parts. Therefore, an electric conductive material is required to relieve the electric stress and provide static, thunder and lightning shielding.

Compared to general conductive materials, silicone rubber has low volume resistance, good processing performance, and is good at high and low temperature resistance(-40 to 200℃). It is especially suitable to produce conductive parts with good conductive properties, complicated shape and tiny structure. 

05.HCR for Wire & Cable

The main electrical application for silicone rubber is wire and cable. Silicone rubber is soft, and has excellent performance in electrical insulation, chemical stability, high and low temperature resistance and aging resistance. The silicone rubber wire and cable is especially suitable to be used in harsh environment, its life span is much longer than other general wire and cable.

06.Ceramifying HCR

In case of fire, it is extremely important to reduce the casualty by keeping the indoor electric and telecommunication wire and cable remain in function in certain period of time. After burning, the ash residual of general silicone rubber and other flame retardant and low smoke polymer materials will lead to abrupt short circuit. The ceramifying silicone rubber is easy to extrude, non-toxic and has excellent performance in fire resistance, flame retardant, low smoke. After burning, its residual is a strong ceramic-like shell and has no melting or dripping, which enables the electric and telecommunication wire and cable remain in function in case of fire.