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Cable Accessaries Silicone Rubber

Cable Accessaries Silicone Rubber

Product Details

HCR for cold shirinkable cable accessories

Key Features and Advantages

● Excellent performance in strength, elongation and rebound resilience.

● Low compression set.

● Good tracking-resistance property, stable insulating property.

● DLH-8140, high tensile strength, is suitable for mold pressing, DLH-8143 is with better quality than DLh-8140 in electric properties. DLh-8141, fast curing, is suitable for extrusion for thick products.

● Hardness: 40 Shore A.


Typical Characteristic:


Test conditions:

C-6B 1.2%,165℃/10mins,


Potential Applications

● Low-voltage of cable accessories.

● Terminals of indoor and outdoor

● Intermediate joint, joint for separate connector



Available in 20 kg/carton.


Storage and Shelf life:

2 years, when kept in sealed package under room temperature, avoid sun exposure.