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Continuous development of food grade silicon rubber hose in China

Release Time: Mar 15, 2018

Silica gel has developed rapidly in China. Now it has formed a large scale, with an annual output of up to 2 million tons. At present, it is only not in the United States and becomes the world.

The second largest economies. But the silica gel is still in its infancy, which is just a transition to rely on imported technology and equipment to mimic the level of the product and

The application field is far from the international level. So the Chinese silicone tube superpower still has a way to go, and it needs to work together with silica gel. Silicone tube

The main feature is that it has a wide range of applications and is currently in almost every field in the silicon tube pipe, so there are new uses and new needs to push one.

The research and development of new silicone tube.

The research and development of some of the current hot topics is crucial, because the breakthroughs in these disciplines are very likely to be a very important one.

The development of silica gel tubes.

As a necessary silicone tube for diet, the food grade silicon hose has been inseparable in people's living diet, and the characteristics of the food grade silicon rubber hose include:

1, non-toxic, odorless, high transparency, no yellow change;

2, soft, good elasticity, resistance to torsion and not deformation;

3, no cracking, long service life, cold resistance and high temperature resistance.

4, it has higher tearing strength and superior electrical properties.

In a word, with the progress of the society, the demand for silica gel is getting bigger and bigger. With the development of innovation and technology, silicon products will be improved better and better. can

It will be better to see the development of silicone tube in our country in the future.