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Definition - High Tear Strength Silicone Rubber

Release Time: Aug 24, 2018

The Difference Between High Tear Strength Silicone Rubber And General Purpose Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber is made of silicone gum, reinforcing filler - silica powder, plasticity control agent and heat-resistant additives - trioxygen Iron peroxide and cross-linking agent.

Silicone rubber has excellent performance in high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, excellent dielectric properties, physiological inertia, etc. It has become one of the indispensable high elastic materials for modern science and technology. The main drawback of silicone rubber is strength properties, particularly its low tear strength, which limits its application.  

By adding high reinforcing silica powder, surface treated silica powder and some special compounding agents in silicone rubber, and combinating with other organic polymers to improve tear resistance, which change the molecular link structure of silicone rubber, Polysil develops new silicone rubber with high tear resistance.

The available series are:

Peroxide curing grades:

HTV-5151-XY for compression molding

HTV-5250-XY for extrusion molding

Platinum curing grades:

HTV-5300-XY for compression molding

HTV-5400-XY for extrusion molding

Comprehesive grade:


This grade is suitable for compression and extrusion molding, can be cured with peroxide or platinum curing agent.