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How widely foam silicone application field

Release Time: Mar 15, 2018

Foam silicone sealing ring, sealing pad, sealing strip, foam board, silica gel foam tube, copy printing roller shaft sponge tube;

Silica rubber insole, sofa cushion, mattress, automotive supplies (head pillow, gear sleeve, cushion) and other flexible silicone rubber products;

Silicone bra, shoulder pad, elderly fitness equipment (joint hammer, swing the ball), pregnant women and children. Pillow flexible silicone rubber products;

Silica gel robot, silica gel beauty and other silicone products filler.

Silicone foam is a two-component molding liquid silicone rubber, before vulcanization is divided into A, B two components, can be cured at room temperature or heating curing, vulcanized elastomer become soft, lightweight, soft, elastic, difficult to heat, shockproof and shock, heat insulation, sound insulation and ease effect.