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P+R in silica gel products

Release Time: Mar 15, 2018

Now the manufacturer of silicone products is better than before, because the equipment technology and other aspects are becoming more and more advanced, and the production capacity is also increased.

But the more complex P+R in silicone products is still unsolved or it needs manpower very much. It's very manpower consuming, so in this respect

The most headache of many manufacturers.

So now a lot of silicone products manufacturers choose not to do P+R do not do, because the quantity is not big, profit is not high,

It takes time to waste human resources, so now some of the customers who want to do P+R can't find the manufacturers, many of them are now only silicone products.

I want to make a lot of money, less tired, because the cost of P+R is really high, it is also very time consuming, and more bad than silicone products.

Several times, in this form, it has led to the present result, and in my own opinion, I think it is not good enough.

They all have to produce, but, because of the increase of competitiveness, there are also some manufacturers that are beginning to accept the production of P+R, and the life is to be considered.