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Silicone products accessories are widely used in the automotive industry

Release Time: Mar 15, 2018

The popularization of automobile has promoted the development of silica gel products industry to a certain extent, and also promoted the production requirements for silicone products and used for automobile.

There are very many kinds of silicone rubber components on it

1, silicon rubber hose for automobile silicon rubber hose

Such as: brake pipe, oil pipe, heat sink, air conditioning pipe, etc., according to the use environment of silicon rubber hose, each silicon rubber hose has different performance requirements, for example

Such as heat-resistant, wear-resistant, oil proof, corrosion prevention and so on.

2, automobile silicone seal

In recent years, there are more and more new materials used in automobile seals, such as the sealing plug of the pipe, oil seal, and the sealing strip of the car window.

The production quality and performance of the silicone rubber seal in China have been greatly improved.

3, auto silicone accessories,

Such as: car sound silicon glue button, car remote control control key, automobile antiskid pad, and so on, this kind of silicone accessories more attention to the user experience,

So in ensuring the performance requirements, the appearance of the product also has a certain standard.