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The medical application of silica gel and its future development

Release Time: Mar 15, 2018

Over the past 20 years, the global silicone rubber products have developed rapidly over 15% of the year, and the global silica gel market has reached $6 billion.

After decades of clinical application, silica gel has been recognized by the medical community and has been used more and more widely. Many large companies have made medical use of medical materials.

As the main target of development, silica gel has made great progress in medical silica gel.

Application status

In addition to the basic requirements of medical polymer materials, silica gel also has heat resistance, cold resistance, innocuity, biological aging resistance and human tissue.

It has the characteristics of small reaction and good physical and mechanical properties. It has become a typical medical polymer material. It is widely used in medical health and biomedicine.

In the field of engineering, in many medical polymer materials, silica gel occupies the dominant position in both quantity and variety.

The catheter

Medical catheter is the fastest developing and most widely used product in medical silicone products. It can be divided into in vivo and in vitro by use. In vitro, it is mainly in vitro

Type of pump, such as artificial pump oxygenator, connected with various instrument tube; the body is used for all kinds of catheter, catheter, drainage tube. order

The development trend of the medical catheter used before the human body is miniaturization, thin wall, multi cavity and multi-function. Especially for the guide of the indwelling body

In the case of long or short term use, the advantages of silicone rubber materials and ducts are unparalleled by other materials.

The brain surgery products

The silicone products used in craniocerebral surgery mainly include artificial cranium, silicon and titanium compound repair material, hydrocephalus six device, ventricle drainage tube, human

The artificial meninges made of silicone rubber and nylon fabric, which are developed in China, can be used to repair traumatic dura mater defect and repair the cause

Excision of the dura or dural defect caused by a tumor in the Kitty or infiltrating area of the dura.

- ent products

The silicone products used in the Department of five senses include artificial nose beam, artificial chin, mandible, artificial ear, artificial larynx, otitis media, lacrimal duct, and lacrimal duct

Probing device, lacrimal duct bolt, nostril stent, snoring device, nasal hemostat, artificial ventilator wave tube, tracheotomy casing, etc. Present silicon acorn

Glue has been widely used in plastic surgery and repair. It can be used to repair all parts of the face and internal organs, chest and joints.

The heart surgery products

For silicone products mainly include cardiac surgery extracorporeal circulation pump, drainage tube, silicone membrane artificial lung, artificial heart ball valve


The digestive system of products

Silicone tube, pipe, casing, duodenal nutrition tube, double cavity decompression of stomach tube, gastric fistula, gastric lavage tube, enema, etc., before these

The products mainly use PVC material, with the production cost of silica gel reduced, and the silicone rubber products, softness and elasticity are more ideal, so the order of the products is more ideal.

A large number of PVC products have been replaced in the country before.