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What are the characteristics of silicone rubber?

Release Time: Mar 15, 2018

The molecular main chain of silicone rubber is composed of silicon atoms and oxygen atoms alternately. It is a kind of polymer elastic material with both inorganic and organic properties. Now the most widely used,

The largest is the methyl vinyl silicone rubber, which is made from two methyl siloxane together with a small amount of vinyl siloxane.

Main performance characteristics:

Advantages: (1) excellent heat resistance and cold resistance, can be used in - 60 ~ 250 C for a long time (2) for ozone resistance, good weather resistance (3) and good electrical performance

Silica gel is a colloidal substance with solid properties, the basic component of which is silica (SiO2). The physical structure of silica gel is abundant micropores and high specific surface area, the surface structure of silicon hydroxyl, so it has to have the ability to separate water vapor or other strong adsorption of polar substances and selective adsorption in adsorption, drying, material separation and purification, high pure preparation has wide application. In the field of chemical engineering, silica gel can be used as a carrier of catalyst or catalyst.

Silica gel has the following advantages in its application because of its chemical composition and physical structure.

(1) chemical properties are stable, in addition to hydrofluoric acid (HF) and strong alkali, it is insoluble in any other solvent and solution.

(2) the thermal stability is good. The A type silica gel can be used at temperatures below 300 degrees, while other types of silica gel can be used for 500-600 days at high temperature.

(3) the silica gel has a rigid frame structure, and has good wear resistance and compressive strength.

Each breed of silica gel has its own characteristics, because silica gel can get different types of pore structure and adapt to different application fields in the manufacturing process by controlling the corresponding technological conditions.