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Forming Principle Of Liquid Silica Gel

Release Time: Mar 15, 2018

Silicone products are widely used because they do not release toxic substances, feel soft and comfortable, and have good physical and chemical properties at high temperature and low temperature (-60c~+300c). Few polymers can match them.

Strong elastomers are better than rubber seals, excellent electrical insulation and resistance to chemicals, fuels, oil and water, which can cope with bad materials. Industries include: oil seals, keyboard buttons, electrical insulation accessories, auto accessories, daily necessities, such as nipples, artificial pipes, respirators, frog glasses, leather shoes, sneakers, food containers, etc.

Silica gel can distinguish between solid and liquid, the former is transferred by hot pressing, and the latter is mainly produced by injection molding. Liquid silicone on the equipment investment and the cost of raw material is high, but its production speed, less waste and low degree of processing factors to observe, using liquid silicone injection molding, injection molding production industry in pursuit of speed, precision, automation, must be the trend of future orientation.

LSR liquid silicone injection molding machine in injection molding machine feeding system is different and the largest general machine equipped with plastic, liquid silicone (Liquid Silicone Rubber), divided into A glue and B glue, using quantitative device to control both of 1:1 ratio, and then through the static mixer (Static Mixer) to be fully mixed, injection injection the feeding tube after injection molding production.