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How To Distinguish Between The Common Silica Gel And The Food Grade Silica Gel?

Release Time: May 03, 2018

More and more see in our daily life. Because of the non-toxic and tasteless silicone, environmental degradation, the use of long time and other characteristics of our favorite. But do you know that silica gel, as well as silica gel, and food grade silica gel? Common silicone is generally used in some industrial products, and food grade silicone is generally used in products that are in contact with our diet. For example, the food grade silica gel should be widely used in the baby's nipple, the baby sucker cup, and some of our cup lid.

The food grade silicone regardless of the quality, or the price is higher than that of ordinary silica, so now some unscrupulous manufacturers will also be covered, ordinary silica contact in the cup and we are on a diet. So how to distinguish it in the end! Which is common silica gel, which is food grade silica gel?

The method of pulling force is very simple. When you see the product, you can test it. You can make a visual test.  Operation: take the silicone product with your hand, focus one place, and pull it on both sides. The white glue is a common silica gel, and no white is the food grade silica gel. Step out: 1, we have just seen the silicone cup lid, we selected ordinary silica gel, and food grade silica gel, all turned over to see, the following figure;

2, we use two identical clamps to flip the silicone cup cap back and clip it up to simulate the pulling effect. As shown below, we can see that the A of the silicone cover is obviously white. The silica gel cover B does not change. Therefore, it is now possible to determine that the common silica gel is A, and the food grade silica gel is B. When shopping needs to buy silicone products in peacetime, it can be so simple to pull with hands, it is clear at a glance. Another auxiliary method is:


Smell the nose close to the silicone product. If it is to pull white and have a pungent smell, it can be determined as a common silica gel, not a food grade. The organic silica gel finally says two points that need to be paid attention to. 1, the identification of the main methods are very simple and practical visual, pull up the white, a sharp smell can be determined to be ordinary silica gel, not to meet the food level standards. 2, pay attention to silica gel is not white, but also a little faint smell, is also a food grade, because this is produced in the production process of the factory, does not affect the quality of products, it can also be self eliminated.