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Cabot Announced A Rise In The Price Of Fumed Silicon Dioxide And Colloidal Silica, Up To 15%! Raise The Price Tide Again!

Release Time: May 09, 2018

Recently, the white carbon black giant Cabot Corporation issued price increase notice, they announced that, from May 30 on, there will be a global price raise for fumed silicon dioxide and colloidal silica, price increases as high as 15%.


Cabot said the rise in product prices was driven by rising raw materials and transportation costs, as well as growing demand for the company's products.The pricing will help to make the Cabot products supply stability and meet the environmental requirements for investment, at the same time will also ensure that provide customers with high quality products, technical innovation, and the highest level of customer service, technical support!


Cabot, as a multinational giant company for fumed white carbon black, owns 36 manufacturing enterprises in 21 countries, the production including carbon black, fumed silica, nano adhesive and so on. Cabot, cooperated with Hengyecheng, has invested RMB 400 million to build a white carbon black factory in Inner Mongolia wuhai, with production capacity of 08000 tons. This project is supposed to be completed in 2019, and it will further expand the white carbon black market in China after putting into the production.


At present, China's white carbon black and organic silicon market is still hot, and the price of products continues to run high, reaching the highest point in history.As a global influential enterprise, the price increase of Cabot will undoubtedly set off the white carbon black and silicone rubber market again, which will lead to a new wave of price increase!