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Silicone Production Process

Release Time: Mar 24, 2018

Silica gel products are silicone rubber products produced by silica gel as the main raw material through molding process.

Ordinary silicone products need to pass the following processes

1. Preparation of raw materials

Including mixing the raw materials, the color of the color, weight calculation etc.

Two, vulcanization molding

The high pressure vulcanization equipment is vulcanized by high temperature to make the silicon collagen material into solid molding

Three. Trimming

From the mold off out of the silicone product lead to some useless edges need to be removed; at present, in the industry, this procedure is done by hand.

Four. Silk screen

This process is only applied to some silicone products that are patterned on the surface of silica gel products. Black mobile phone silicone sleeves often need corresponding characters in screen printing and mobile phone keyboard for users to conveniently operate keystrokes. Or the surface needs to be added to some beautiful prints.

Five. Surface treatment

1. the most surface treatment is the spray feel oil, which can be a handset touch feeling better. This is the simplest surface treatment. Silica gel products are easy to absorb dust in the air and have a certain viscosity in the ordinary condition. A thin layer of hand oil is sprayed on the surface of the silica gel sleeve, which can not only prevent dust but also ensure the feeling of hand.

2. oil spray and radium carving, silica gel sleeve after trimming the edge of a silica gel coat with a layer of color ink after the color of the laser in the pattern, and then spray a layer of feel oil on the surface. This process is now popular.

3. in the epoxy, silicone sleeve has been repaired on the edge drop of liquid glue made of color pattern.

4. color printing, the silicon rubber sleeve which has been repaired with any color pattern, this process can be not only beautiful, but also solid and strong. The feeling of hand is good. It can print every surface of the silica gel sleeve, and the pattern is very smooth and natural.