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The Application Of Silica In The Medical Field

Release Time: Mar 20, 2018

With the progress and development of modern science and technology, silica gel has been widely used in medicine, silica gel has good biocompatibility, non-toxic, no stimulation, no allergic reaction, the rejection of little human tissue; with good physicochemical properties, can keep its original elasticity and softness and fluid and the contact process, not be degraded, is a quite stable and inert material.

Silicon in silica gel is the most common and easily accessible element on earth. Liquid silicone rubber is easy to make complex shapes and chemical inertness. Its practicality and excellent characteristics make it very suitable for medical devices from the very beginning. In terms of medical use, silicone rubber must be tested for biocompatibility and comply with the provisions of the food and Drug Administration of the United States. The application of medical silicone is divided into two categories: time limit and time limit. It is usually limited for short-term transplantation and is not limited for long-term transplantation.

Silica gel:

Silicone rubber is one of the synthetic rubber. Its chemical name is polymethyl vinyl siloxane. It is polymerized by two methyl siloxane monomer and other organic monomers under the action of acid or basic catalyst, and the relative molecular weight is generally 400 thousand ~50 ten thousand.


1, solid medical silicone rubber can replace bone or cartilage as tissue filling or scaffold material. Therefore, artificial joints and artificial tendons can be made to repair defects of limbs and joints. Plastic material is used as a material to repair deformity defects in the face, ear and nose.

2, the foam medical silicone rubber can replace the body's adipose tissue to repair the deformity of the facial tissue defect, such as hemi - facial atrophy.

3, film type medical silicone rubber sheath available substitutes; external intestinal fistula closure from the silica gel, and its role in the intestinal cavity will not make intestinal fistula closure, intestinal leakage, maintain intestinal patency, enteral nutrition, reduce complications, simplify the treatment of intestinal fistula.

4, liquid medical silicone rubber, also known as silicone oil, is a low viscosity transparent liquid. It injections silicone oil into craniofacial deformities by rough injection needle. It is easy to use, and can be shaped without hospitalization. It can be treated in the outpatient department. In addition, the clinical use of medical silicone rubber to make hydrocephalus drainage device for the treatment of hydrocephalus. A spherical artificial heart valve was made to replace the damaged cardiac mitral valve membrane. As for the silicone contraceptive ring, it is more safe, convenient, reliable and effective. Silicone catheter, gastric tube and catheter are less invasive and less irritation, and can be inserted into the human body for a long time, which has been widely applied in clinic.