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What Are The Advantages Of Liquid Silicone?

Release Time: Apr 03, 2018

What are the advantages of the liquid silicone, liquid glue, and has good fluidity, fast curing, safety and environmental protection, fully meet the requirements of food grade liquid silicone, can also be used for coating deposited, impregnation and perfusion.

Liquid silicone is composed of silicone products made of English, referred to as LSR, has good elasticity and waterproof moisture resistance, erosion resistance to acid and alkali and other chemical substances, generally can be used to replace the life of plastic products, such as silica gel bottle, pacifier is relatively hot and popular liquid silicone products. At the same time, liquid silica gel is also used as silica gel material for human surgery. Plastic industry and physical therapy industry are inseparable. Liquid silica gel does not contain any harmful substances, and it is also not easy to deform.

The stability is good, when the curing agent is not added (at room temperature 25 degrees centigrade without moisture, without high temperature) can be placed at least 1 years without deterioration;

Characteristics of liquid silica gel:

1. good chemical resistance, acid, alkali and a variety of chemicals;

2. good mechanical strength, can be adjusted according to customer needs of different strength of the product;

3. excellent dielectric properties, excellent dielectric properties, excellent dielectric properties at high temperature, and high dielectric properties at high temperature, which are much more than organic rubber.

4., excellent high temperature compression permanent deformation: good processing performance and easy molding. It can produce various products by extrusion hot air vulcanization, molding and calender molding.

5. resistance to pollution such as: the handwriting, such as a ballpoint pen, can be wiped out by hand