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What Are The Main Components Of Liquid Silicone?

Release Time: Apr 10, 2018

In recent years, liquid silicone products have been loved by many consumers in the market. The advantages of these products are nontoxic, nontoxic, non oxidizing, non deformation, and negative.

It is widely used and widely used in our daily necessities and mother and baby articles, such as nipple, bottle, silicone toothbrush, gum and so on;

What is the main component of liquid silica gel

1. Liquid silica gel is a kind of highly active adsorption material, which belongs to amorphous material, and its chemical molecular formula is mSiO2. NH2O. Insoluble in water and any

The solvent, nontoxic and tasteless, is stable in chemical properties and does not react with any substance except strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid.

2. Different types of silica gel form different microporous structures because of their different manufacturing methods.  The chemical composition and physical structure of silica gel determine it

Many other similar materials are difficult to replace. They have high adsorption properties, good thermal stability, stable chemical properties, and high mechanical strength.


3, silica gel is divided into large pore silica gel, coarse porous silica gel, B silica gel and fine silica gel according to the size of its pore size. Because of the different pore structure,

Therefore, their adsorption properties have their own characteristics.

4. The adsorption capacity of coarse silica gel is higher in the case of high relative humidity, and the adsorption capacity of fine silica gel is higher than that of low relative humidity.

Coarse pore silica gel, and B type silica gel because the pore structure is between coarse and fine porous silica gel, its adsorption capacity is also between coarse and fine holes.  General use of large pore silica gel

It is used as catalyst carrier, extinction agent, toothpaste abrasive and so on. Therefore, different varieties should be selected according to different uses. After the silica gel adsorbed water, it can be regenerated by the methods of exposure, roasting and drying.

5, the main use of liquid silica gel:

The liquid silica gel has the effect of strong adsorption, and it can quickly and effectively adsorb the moisture in the sealed package, the chemical property is stable, non toxic and harmless.

In the years of continuous innovation and development, all kinds of silica gel have been widely used in drug purification, DNA separation, food drying, high precision electronics, advanced make-up.

Products, sewage purification, beer purification, advanced coatings and resin production or preservation.