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What Is The Difference Between Liquid Silicone And Solid Silicone?

Release Time: Mar 30, 2018

What's the difference between liquid silica gel and solid silica gel? Liquid silicone rubber used for coating, dipping and perfusion, mainly for children's products, medical supplies and electronic products, has good elasticity and waterproof moisture resistance, erosion resistance to acid and alkali and other chemical substances, can also use the injection molding machine, we call this process of injection molding liquid silicone rubber. Solid silicone polymer elastic material is a cell type, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, solvent resistance, high resistance, viscosity, electrical insulation, chemical industry and other characteristics, a wide range of applications, such as plastic, oil, food and fitness equipment and health supplies, leather, wood paper products industry the PCB industry.

The main properties of solid silica gel

1. excellent transparency

2. excellent tear strength (35N / mm)

3. excellent springback, yellowing resistance and heat-resistant aging

4. good thermal stability and weatherability (using temperature -60 C ~ 250 C)

5. after mixing A / B at 20 C, the safe operation time in the sealed state is 5 days, and the safe operation time is shortened when the temperature rises.

Liquid silica gel is liquid shape before being formed, and has fluidity, fast vulcanization, environmental protection and safety. It can meet the requirements of food grade certification, and has the advantages of tearing strength, resilience, heat yellowing and thermal stability. Liquid silicone is divided into encapsulated silicone rubber, silicone rubber mold, sealant and other types of liquid silicone, divided into A glue and B glue, using quantitative device to control both of 1:1 ratio, and then through the static mixer to fully mixing, injection injection feeding pipe after injection molding production. The liquid silica gel was injected into the hot runner mold and made of silica gel products, which can achieve the advantages of one molding, no waste and automation.

Liquid silica gel can be cured at room temperature and can be cured at high temperature. The curing process can be completed in a few seconds by high temperature curing. Liquid silicon rubber is a typical liquid silicon rubber, which is soft, nontoxic, tasteless and transparent. Medical safety is the high safety of food.