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Custom Desin Soft LSR/Silicone/Rubber/TPU Clear Protective Phone Case/Sleeve

Custom Desin Soft LSR/Silicone/Rubber/TPU Clear Protective Phone Case/Sleeve

Product Details

We have professional quality management and testing. Our products are produced through strict quality control system. Our company focuses on helping our customers achieve one common goal that is to produce more quality Wire Silicone Rubber, Oil Resistance Silicone Rubber, Food Grade LSR at a low price. The company strives to improve product competitiveness and advocates the business philosophy of "excellent quality, considerate service, surpass the present, and strive for perfection". Advanced business philosophy is our magic weapon to establish a leading position in the industry. Through our professional service, we can provide customers with complete solutions, give customers and end users strong application support, and are committed to improving product market competitiveness. We take the market as the guidance, take the customer as the center, mold the brand with the product quality.

Anti-static HCR

Key Features and Advantages

● High tensile strength, high mechanical strength, great comprehensive property.

● Good processing property, excellent anti-static resistance.

● Suitable for compression molding..

● Hardness: 20-70 Shore A.

● Complies with ROHS environmental standard, FDA approval.


Typical Characteristic:


Test conditions:

C-6B 1.2%,165℃/10mins,


Potential Applications

● Mobile phone cover

● Computer protection cover



Available in 20 kg/carton.


Storage and Shelf life:

2 years, when kept in sealed package under room temperature, avoid sun exposure.


Over the past years, we have devoted our wisdom to the exploration and truth-seeking in the field. We have highlighted the practical value of applied science and we effectively improved the Custom Desin Soft LSR/Silicone/Rubber/TPU Clear Protective Phone Case/Sleeve quality. We focus on staff development, which creates a corporate culture of mutual respect and professional pursuit. We establish modern cost management consciousness and penetrate cost consciousness into the whole process of decision making, investment, production and sales through management innovation, especially by strengthening strategic cost management.
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