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Custom Rubber Silicone Product/Silicone Hose, Gasket, Rubber Sealing Strip

Custom Rubber Silicone Product/Silicone Hose, Gasket, Rubber Sealing Strip

Product Details

We guarantee the continuous improvement of product quality, and ensure the common interests of both parties and the value of Roller Liquid Silicone Rubber, Composite Insulator Silicone Rubber, Automotive Silicone. We are committed to enhancing the social influence of our company and strive to innovate methods and carriers. Through continuous efforts, we have accumulated rich commodity experience and market information, closely combined with the needs of the market and ensured the best advantage to enter the market sales. Our employees have a common belief that nothing can be avoided, they have the courage to take responsibility and move forward bravely. We insist on taking quality and reputation as the guide, strictly implementing national standards, following advanced technology, constantly improving testing methods and providing customers with quality and timely after-sales service.

Anti-static HCR

Key Features and Advantages

● High tensile strength, high mechanical strength, great comprehensive property.

● Good processing property, excellent anti-static resistance.

● Suitable for compression molding..

● Hardness: 20-70 Shore A.

● Complies with ROHS environmental standard, FDA approval.


Typical Characteristic:


Test conditions:

C-6B 1.2%,165℃/10mins,


Potential Applications

● Mobile phone cover

● Computer protection cover



Available in 20 kg/carton.


Storage and Shelf life:

2 years, when kept in sealed package under room temperature, avoid sun exposure.


Our company is in the forefront of Custom Rubber Silicone Product/Silicone Hose, Gasket, Rubber Sealing Strip industry in terms of financial strength, production scale, technical strength and sales performance. Relying on domestic and foreign high-tech enterprises as the market, our company has won a good reputation among new and old customers. For important positions, our company has a succession plan to ensure sufficient talent reserve.
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