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Fast Curing Liquid Silicone Rubber Making Cement

Fast Curing Liquid Silicone Rubber Making Cement

Product Details

We introduce advanced technology and equipment to produce high-quality Elbow Connector Silicone Rubber, Oil Resistance Silicone Rubber, Food Grade Silicone Rubber, with quality as life as our ultimate goal. Our company has established an effective organizational structure, formulated a reasonable and effective talent system and innovated our marketing channels. Welcome the supervision and support from all walks of life, we will always use high-quality products and value-added services to dedicate to the vast number of customers and friends. We actively highlight the advantages of human resources, and the bond that sustains the soul of the enterprise is the philosophy that our company pursues and the foundation on which we survive. Establishing a corporate culture consistent with corporate vision and values ​​is the basis for promoting the sound development of corporate work.

Low temperature fast curing LSR

Key Features and Advantages

● Fast cure at low temperature.

● High molding efficiency.


Typical Characteristic:


Test conditions: A:B=1:1 ,150℃/5min.


Production process:

A;B=1:1 for heat injection molding.


Potential Applications

Mobile phone cover and P+R products


Available in 20 kg/pail or 200 kg/drum..


Storage and Shelf life:

2 years, when kept in sealed package under room temperature, avoid sun exposure.


Our company directly face customers, understand customer needs and customer satisfaction with the quality of existing Fast Curing Liquid Silicone Rubber Making Cement, improve product competitiveness. We will win public recognition with strict quality commitment and integrity attitude of maintaining brand, and adhere to the principle of cooperation and development. We uphold the business philosophy of quality and service, strive to provide our customers with zero-worries products, and do our best to meet the needs of our customers.
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