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Quality Molded Rubber Products Rubber Cushion Rubber Gasket

Quality Molded Rubber Products Rubber Cushion Rubber Gasket

Product Details

We carry forward the fine tradition of stressing credibility, abiding by the contract, paying attention to quality and creating excellent Cable Accessaries Liquid Silicone Rubber, Cable Accessaries Silicone Rubber, Flame Retardant Silicone Rubber. Our company takes the industry as the core, the customer orientation as the principle, constantly improves and surpasses itself in the industry field. Integrity is the soil for the growth of an enterprise. Only by winning customer satisfaction, social satisfaction and market satisfaction can we achieve sustainable operation. Our company considers quality as its lifespan, and sees real customer interests and our long-term development as one.

Oil-resistant HCR

Key Features and Advantages

● Excellent oil-resistant.

● Suitable for compression molding..

● Hardness: 40-60 Shore A.

● Complies with ROHS.


Typical Characteristic:


Test conditions: 

C-6B 1.2%,165℃/10mins,


Potential Applications

Oil-resistant seal rings.



Available in 20 kg/carton.


Storage and Shelf life:

2 years, when kept in sealed package under room temperature, avoid sun exposure.


It is the customer's satisfaction with our products and services that has always inspired us to do better in this business. We establish mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and provide them with a large number of high-quality Quality Molded Rubber Products Rubber Cushion Rubber Gasket at low prices. We are well positioned to apply our expertise and experience from successful applications to other applications to help our customers solve new challenges, which is our core strength and advantage in the eyes of our customers. To continuously improve product value and enterprise value with high-quality products and in place services is our eternal pursuit.
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