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Rubber Bond with Metal for Truck and Machine Rubber Products

Rubber Bond with Metal for Truck and Machine Rubber Products

Product Details

With the aid of professional and perfect test support, we ensure the stability and excellent quality of the Automotive Liquid Silicone, Brand Label Silicone, Fast Curing Liquid Silicone Rubber so that make us occupy the leading position in the industry. We support our purchasers with ideal premium quality products and substantial level company. Our company studies our globalization and localization strategy from a new perspective in the light of the changing needs of the transnational business environment of modern multinational companies.

Oil-resistant HCR

Key Features and Advantages

● Excellent oil-resistant.

● Suitable for compression molding..

● Hardness: 40-60 Shore A.

● Complies with ROHS.


Typical Characteristic:


Test conditions: 

C-6B 1.2%,165℃/10mins,


Potential Applications

Oil-resistant seal rings.



Available in 20 kg/carton.


Storage and Shelf life:

2 years, when kept in sealed package under room temperature, avoid sun exposure.


Our company takes manufacturing high-quality products as its own responsibility and provides high-quality Rubber Bond with Metal for Truck and Machine Rubber Products and services. Our core competencies include: research and development and innovation, new product development and design capabilities, technology research and development capabilities, key process technology mastering capabilities, process technology accumulation capabilities. Publicity of brand personality is an important way to enhance our brand value.
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